Taking Your Blog Further — Part 1: 5 Reasons To Have An Email Newsletter

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Your blog can easily turn a website visitor into a warm lead.

If you clicked on this article, we’re assuming you probably already recognize the value of having a regularly updated blog for your website. Whether you’re writing blog articles or having them written by someone else, you realize their value.

Now what? While, yes, there’s a good chance that your blog content will be crawled by search engines and fed to users searching for what you’re after, there are several ways to crank the volume on your blog. In this piece, we’re going to discuss five reasons why your blog needs an accompanying newsletter.

1. An email newsletter acts as an amplifier for your blog.

Simply publishing articles on your blog is similar to strumming the strings of an acoustic guitar. Sure, some people will hear what you’re playing as long as they’re in the cafe, but would you like your playing to fill a stadium? An email newsletter that features new blog articles on a regular basis is akin to an amplifier for your otherwise quiet guitar strumming. Email newsletters crank your blog’s volume.

2. Your email newsletter keeps willing readers engaged.

One of the nice things about email newsletters that feature your blog content is that they only go to subscribers — people who have requested to receive them. The pressure to sell is reduced. They find your perspective meaningful and want to hear what you have to say. An email newsletter keeps your more loyal audience engaged with the perspective of an industry leader they respect.

3. Your email newsletter will receive more audience engagement than a social media post.

Even though we offer social media marketing services, we’re willing to admit that it doesn’t have near the engagement of an email newsletter. While not all of your target audience is active on social media, unless they are the Amish, they probably have an email address that they check semi-regularly. They also probably don’t receive as many messages in their email box as the flood of social media posts cascading down their social media feeds. We still recommend pushing your content on social media, but also feel that an email newsletter should take precedence.

Pro tip: Even though email may be where they engage more with your blog content, don’t forget to include buttons that allow your audience to easily share your blog content to their own social media accounts. Word-of-mouth referrals can make all the difference!

4. An email newsletter for your blog pushes traffic back to your website.

It may go without saying, but your email newsletter may be just the portal your semi-engaged audience needs to make it back to your website. While we don’t recommend aggressively trying to sell to your blog newsletter subscribers (they’re there to be enlightened — not to be sold to), visiting your site to read a blog post will increase their chances of winding up on your sales pages. Have you ever clicked one blog post for some quick information and found yourself later sliding into a lucrative sales pitch? A helpful blog may be just the bait you need and your email newsletter is casting your line from the shore.

5. Your email newsletter lets you direct attention where you want it.

There are few better ways to drive the ship of engagement than with a carefully designed email newsletter for your blog. A homepage, for all of the design power put into it, can still fail to successfully guide your target audience down a journey of your choosing. An email newsletter, on the other hand, can hone your audience’s focus where you want it for any given initiative.

Additional Pointers For Blog-Driven Email Newsletters

  • Be consistent. Whether it’s once a week, once a month, or once a quarter, choose an email newsletter mailing schedule and stick with it. Subscribers will begin to look forward to your updates.
  • Focus on the blog content. It’s tempting to want to just sell to your email newsletter subscribers who have signed up from your blog. Resist the urge. Focus your attention on creating truly helpful blog articles. If they like your blog content enough, they will find their way to your sales pages and be even warmer once they get there. However, feel free to drop the occasional one-line “by the way” deals after the fact — possibly even offering exclusive deals to email newsletter subscribers.


  • Your email newsletter amplifies the reach of your blog.
  • An email newsletter keeps your target audience engaged.
  • Your email newsletter will have higher engagement than social media posts.
  • Your email newsletter can drive warm traffic to your sales pages.
  • An email newsletter lets you decide what to highlight.

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