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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

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How has artificial intelligence made marketing better?

It doesn’t feel like too long ago that the idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) seemed terrifying. Most every Hollywood blockbuster from “The Matrix” to “I, Robot” just wanted to show us how AI meant that robots would enslave the human race in order to use our nervous system as an alternative energy source. Fast forward a decade or so and more organizations than ever are looking to implement Artificial Intelligence into their business strategy.

One of the most frequent adopters of AI technology in the field of digital marketing. For the most part, AI has only made marketing better. 

What does artificial intelligence even mean?

Before we get too deep in the weeds, we should start by clarifying what Artificial Intelligence actually is.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a system of computer-simulated human intelligence programs that are capable of making decisions and performing informed tasks. What sets AI apart from preprogrammed systems is its ability to “learn” and make decisions based on the data given. While that certainly sounds like a terrifying scenario from “The Terminator” or “Blade Runner”, anytime you’ve typed “cat pictures” into Google or asked Siri “what’s the weather like outside?”, a form of AI has been implemented to come up with the best answer to your query.

While a total robot takeover is probably the worst-case scenario for AI (and the least likely), let’s look at how AI will actually improve the marketing experience for marketers and consumers alike.

AI Delivers Human-Like Customer Support

If you’ve ever reached out to an organization in need of additional information via a live chat on their website or even via telephone, even if you were eventually connected with a human customer service or sales agent, there’s a growing likelihood that you were directed there by a robot.

The days of “press 3 for sales” or hunting-and-pecking around a website for the correct live chat screen are quickly coming to a close. This benefits the marketing efforts of companies by allowing them to deliver the most relevant information to leads and existing customers before short attention spans lead them elsewhere.

Armed with the most relevant data in the least amount of time, leads are more likely to convert into customers and past customers are more likely to become regular customers. Thanks, AI!

AI Delivers a More Personalized User Experience

Ask any digital marketer and they will tell you that the key to earning the business of visitors online is by delivering the highest quality user experience possible. With this in mind, what could be better than a user experience custom-tailored to the user?

Using previously gathered user data, AI systems can reconfigure a company website to best suit the needs, triggers, pain points, and interests of a user on their website. Some sites may decide to serve up the most relevant pieces of content based on their past search queries or pages they’ve visited in the past. Have you ever been on one website and spotted advertisements for a product you had been researching in the past?

Even though this may be considered the effort of remarketing campaign, AI determined that you were a part of the intended audience for this product and then chose an advertisement that it “felt” you were most likely to click. In these instances, if AI can reduce the number of times you click before converting or making a purchase, it will continue to be a sought-after and continually developed marketing tool well into the future.

AI Is Still “Learning” & “Growing”

Like the new guy in the office, Artificial Intelligence is still learning how to best make the boss happy — the boss being you, the user.

Not only is AI learning more about customers, but with the help of actual humans, it is “learning” how to “learn” better. As you notice that Alexa can understand your mumbled request for information on the latest fad diet or about movie theatre times near you, understand that this is AI doing what it’s designed to do — learn and help.

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