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Titan 225T Quick Facts

The Titan 225T Trailer is an innovative solution for today’s conventional or reverse rotary drill applications. Designed for a multitude of applications, including gas, oil, water and geothermal drilling. The Titan is designed with elevated rotary platform styles. The dual block mast design offers 60 feet of clear space above the rotary table and provides 225,000 lbs. of pull back. With its heavy-duty mechanical drawworks, the Titan offers 37,500 lbs. of single line pull and the state-of-the-art disc brake system ensures the load is always under control. Mounted on a 3-axle trailer and equipped with a Tier IV F certified deck engine, the Titan 225T is both DOT and emissions legal in all 50 states. The trailer is also California Annual Purple Permit legal. Tier III engine also available.