Quality Commitment

At Taylor Industries, quality is a continual commitment by a dedicated team of professionals. The men and women who design, build, sell and service our equipment are a team marked by unequaled pride in the hand built equipment they produce. Our commitment and pride results in products and services which consistently exceed the needs and expectations of the world's most demanding operators.


The welders, engineers, mechanics and others that make up the Taylor team are all selected not only for their respective skills, but for their attitude and commitment to quality. Quality commitment begins with our people and manifests itself through the various operational systems and standards to produce a true high-quality product.


In June, 2010, Taylor received APIQ1 and ISO 9001 certifications. This certification process is based on development and maintenance of our quality management system. This Quality Management System or QMS provides the framework for ensuring compliance with all customer and industry requirements and expectations, and results in increased product quality and performance. In January of 2016, Taylor completed the API audit process to extend our registration with API and ISO through 2019.


Product improvement only comes through continuous improvement in designs and processes. Utilizing lean manufacturing and dedicated continuous improvement teams, Taylor's products and systems are constantly evolving. We challenge our current processes repeatedly to deliver increased performance, reduced costs and improved safety results in an industry leading product that results in exceptional customer satisfaction.