PH-100 and PH-100EL PUMP HOIST 


PH-100 Pump Hoist Quick Facts

  • Mast: 52/100 and 65/100
  • Drawworks: HD20 (Double Drum Hydraulic)
  • Engine: Supplied in Truck
  • Transmission: Supplied in Truck


The PH-100 and PH-100EL  provide 100,000 lbs. of hoisting capacity and are all-hydraulic. The PH-100 offers 52 ft. of mast height and a set back up to 12 ft. PH-100EL offers 65 ft. of mast height and a set back up to 15 ft.  These units are built with speed and safety in mind. The standard all-hydraulic drawworks and automatic fail-safe brake system provide efficient, simple operation and superior performance. An optional integrated spudder mounted forward of the drawwoks offers a max output speed of 31 rpms and a max operating torque of 13,750 ft. lbs. The operator's console is locate at the rear of the rig and conveniently located for excellent visibility and operator comfort. The operator's console includes drum, winch, mast, cathead & catworks controls including an emergency shutdown.